Leaving a Legacy

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.  Without a will, there’s almost no way.

By remembering CDSP in your will or estate plan you ensure a legacy to prepare future leaders of the Church.

Some ways of making a gift to CDSP may provide you with generous and dependable lifetime income. Those who remember CDSP in their will or estate plans are honored as members of the George and Augusta Gibbs Society and receive invitations to special events at CDSP.

June is “Wills Month”

When I ask estate planning attorneys, “In what month do you write the most wills?” they almost invariably reply: “June.” When I ask them why they think that is so, they have no doubt: “Many people go on trips in the summer, and they want everything taken care of before they get on the plane.”

What parting gifts do you wish to make as you take your “bon voyage” from this extraordinary life? Are these wishes already written into your plan? The only way to make your wishes come true is to write them into your will. As the CDSP gift planning advisor, I can refer any CDSP alum to an attorney who for $75 will create a simple will or review your current plan. 

For information about making a planned gift to CDSP, or to get assistance in writing your will, contact the Rev. Richard Schaper, CFP, the CDSP Gift Advisor, or call 415-869-7812.

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