Kellor Smith Youth Scholarship

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Mission trip volunteers with Kellor

The Kellor Smith Scholarship for Youth Ministry Award will help financially support a CDSP seminarian who has demonstrated a special interest in, and talent for, youth ministry. Award recipients will be trained to engage with young people in much the same way that Kellor does by discussing real-life issues. The enclosed stories speak to St. John’s investment in Kellor Smith's blessed ministry. May they move you to endow this God-given work, which, like the income such a fund can be produce, is ongoing.

For more information about the ministry of Kellor Smith, download the Investing in Youth Ministry Booklet.

Please contribute generously to the Kellor Smith Scholarship for Youth Ministry by sending donations to:

The Church Divinity School of the Pacific
2451 Ridge Rd
Berkeley, CA 94709 

If you wish to give online, when asked, "I/We would like to make a gift toward the", please select "Special Project" and write in Kellor Smith as the funding choice.



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