To assist in the normal operations of the life of CDSP, the Administration has established committees composed of students, faculty, and staff for planning purposes and certain administrative roles in selected areas.

Admissions Committee: All members are appointed by the President and Dean. The committee is chaired by a faculty member and normally composed of six students (usually three Third Year and three Second Year), two or three additional faculty members, and the Dean of Students. This committee shall supervise, direct, and support the admissions activities of the School. Alcohol Awareness Committee: The President and Dean appoints membership to this committee annually with recommendations made by the faculty and Community Council. The purpose of this committee is to be:

  1. an educational resource to the CDSP community on substance abuse;
  2. an exploratory and advisory body for investigating and developing resources to understand and address the problems of substance abuse in a seminary community;
  3. a pastoral resource for persons with concerns for themselves and others regarding substance abuse.

The work of this committee is confidential and outside the evaluative procedures of the seminary. The names of members of this committee will be made available at the beginning of the academic year. Any member of the CDSP community may contact a member of the committee.

Diversity Committee: This committee establishes and pursues implementation of annual goals designed to enhance a climate of diversity and inclusiveness at CDSP. The committee works closely with groups and persons at CDSP who are addressing specific issues (i.e. gender, race, disability access, etc.). The committee will maintain appropriate liaisons with the Board of Trustees’ Standing Committee on Community Life, other standing committees of the Board of Trustees, Community Council, GTU diversity efforts, and with groups in the Episcopal Church. All members are appointed by the President and Dean.

Housing Committee: This Committee is composed of students and staff, including: (1) the Dean of Students, chair; (2) the Director of Housing & Reception; (3) the Vice President of Administration; (4) a Parsons CDSP student representative; (5) a Nichols apartment representative; (6) a Virginia apartment representative. The Committee meets after March 15th and before April 15th to review applications and determine housing. Housing assignments are announced by April 15th. The Committee shall meet at the beginning of each semester and may meet at other times as necessary. Student members are appointed by the President and Dean.

Scholarship Committee: This committee establishes policies and procedures for application for student financial aid, processes applications, and makes awards from CDSP scholarship funds. It is normally composed of the Financial Aid Director, Dean of Academic Affairs, Dean of Students, Registrar, Faculty Chair of the Admissions Committee, and Vice-President for Administration.

Worship Committee: The membership of this committee is comprised of the Dean of the Chapel, the Professor of Liturgics, the Director of Chapel Music, Dean of Students, a faculty appointment(s), three elected student class representatives, and the Head Sacristan. Ordinarily, a faculty member shall serve as the chair of this committee.

Under the authority given to the Committee by the President and Dean who, according to the By-laws and the Board of Trustees, bears final responsibility for all services, and with due and proper consultation with the Community Council and Faculty as appropriate, this Committee shall supervise the worship activities of the CDSP community. It shall receive suggestions from members of the community with respect to regular and special services. One of the student representatives or Sacristans from the Committee shall be in regular attendance at Community Council meetings to facilitate such communication.

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