Other Expenses

Medical / Health Insurance

CDSP, through the Graduate Theological Union, sponsors a medical / health insurance plan designed to provide students with complete medical coverage at a very reasonable cost.  The plan is with Kaiser Permanente.

Kaiser Permanente is one of the largest health plans in California, with over 8,000 physicians at more than 150 locations in northern and southern California.  The plan called a HIPS plan, has a $500/person, $1,000/family deductible, 20% coinsurance after the deductible due for in-patient hospital care and out-patient surgery, and related tests and labs, and a $40 co-payment.  However, there is no charge for preventive care. Each student enrolled in six or more units is required to have medical insurance.

This medical / health insurance plan is available to students enrolled for at least six or more credits or units persemester at CDSP; if you have questions or need more information, the Church Divinity School of the Pacific contact is the Rev. Ann Hallisey, Dean of Students.

If you are enrolled for nine (9) or more credits or units in any one semester, you must enroll in this GTU HIPS program with Kaiser Permanente, or provide proof of health insurance that has comparable benefits and costs. Enrollment in the plan is for the 12 months of the academic year beginning on September 1, 2014 and ending on August 31, 2015. Unless your eligibility to participate in the program changes, you will be enrolled for the entire calendar year. Premiums for the plan are paid in two equal installments at the beginning of each semester. The monthly and semester rates for the plan are:

  Per Semester Per Year
Student $1,591.26 $3,182.52
Student and Spouse $3,500.70 $7,001.40
Student and Child(ren) $3,182.46 $6,364.92
Student and Family $5,091.96 $10,183.92

Student enrollment periods are August 18 to September 12, 2014 and January 19 through February 13, 2015. To enroll in the GTU HIPS program or to provide information about membership in a comparable plan and, therefore, waive out of the GTU program, point your browser to http://studentnet.kp.org/gtu. 

If you run into problems trying to enroll in or waive out of the GTU plan and can not resolve your problems before the end of the fall or spring deadlines (see above), complete the appropriate form and submit it to Ann Hallisey.

GTU Student Health Insurance Enrollment Form

GTU Student Health Insurance Waiver Form

For further information, contact the Dean of Students, Ann Hallisey.

Celtic Cross
 All CDSP students are members of the Celtic Cross Mission Society and the Community Council. Yearly dues for these two organizations total $50 for the 2012-2013 academic year ($25 payable each semester at registration).

Campus Parking
 Limited parking is available in the campus lot. For 2014-15, the parking fee is $300 per semester.

Graduation Fee 
A graduation fee of $50 is assessed all graduating students.

Late Registration/Late or Missed Payment/Records Maintenance Fee
 In any one of these events, the fee is $100.

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