Scholarships, Grants

Scholarships at Church Divinity School 
of the Pacific

Thanks to generations of generous benefactors, a wide variety of scholarships are available. Prospective students do not apply for these scholarships: Awards are made by a campus committee based on a student’s financial need and the donor’s requirements.

Eligibility for specific scholarships is determined after an admissions application has been filed with the Admissions office.

International Student Scholarship – A scholarship for tuition and living expenses to international students coming from their country of residence to earn a degree at CDSP. Applicants must follow these procedures.

Please email the CDSP Financial Aid Office at if you need assistance over the summer. Most financial aid requests for the coming year are already in process, but the CDSP registrar is available to handle financial aid-related inquiries on a case-by-case basis.

CDSP staff can provide further information about other resources to support your education. We can help you navigate applications for various scholarships and grants including:

The Fund for Theological Education

The Society for the Increase of Ministry 

Other resources can be found at the following websites:

Fund for Theological Education’s Fund Finder 

You also may apply for scholarships from the Episcopal Church

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