Graduate Theological Union

Graduate theological union administration building

CDSP was one of the founding members of the ecumenical and inter-faith Graduate Theological Union in 1962. The GTU is a consortium of nine seminaries, including Roman Catholics, Protestants, and Unitarians.

Eight of the nine GTU members are located in Berkeley, six of them within just a few blocks of each other near CDSP.

The highly acclaimed GTU library is among the top four theological libraries in the country.

The Bade Museum and the Doug Adams Gallery offer exhibits of ancient artifacts and modern art.

Registration among all GTU member schools is made fully accessible through coordinated class times and a common course schedule. Most classes at CDSP contain students from a variety of denominations, and CDSP students are free to take a substantial portion of their courses anywhere in the GTU from a large faculty distinguished by breadth and scholarly excellence.

In addition to the member seminaries, the GTU has affiliates concentrating in Jewish studies, Buddhist studies, Islamic Studies, Orthodox Christianity, theology and the natural sciences, ethics and social policy, women and religion, and other areas. Many of these offer courses, which are available to CDSP students. The GTU also provides regular opportunities for common worship and discussion among its diverse populations.

The GTU’s graduate programs attract students from the United States and other countries. M.A. students and doctoral students who affiliate with CDSP add extra dimensions of imagination and intellectual inquiry to our seminary community.

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