Dr. Steed Vernyl Davidson

Associate Professor of Old Testament
(510) 559-2751

B.A., M.A., University of the West Indies
S.T.M., Boston University
M.Phil., Ph.D. Union Theological Seminary
Curriculum Vitae

Pastor, United Methodist Congregations in New York and the Caribbean; Instructor, Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York; Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion, Luther College, Decorah, Iowa; PLTS, 2007–; CDSP 2013 --

Mission Statement

I view the teaching/learning encounter as the opportunity to engage material in different and innovative ways. I am open to the use of diverse teaching approaches and resources as conduits to assist students in engaging course material more effectively. This serves as a means to help them to interact with texts in their ancient and historical and cultural contexts and to make critical connections between the Biblical text and the present day.

Courses Taught

Basic Courses
Introduction to Old Testament

Reading Isaiah with Hope and Peace
Power/lessness in Joshua/Judges
Jeremiah and Empire
Texts of Reconstruction

Doctoral Seminar
Hermeneutucs Fr(on) the Edge

Biblical Languages
Biblical Languages for Exegesis
Intermediate Hebrew
Advanced Hebrew

Selected Publications

Empire and Exile: Postcolonial Reading of Selected Texts of the Book of Jeremiah (London: T & T Clark, 2011)

"Prophets Postcolonially: Initial Insights for a Postcolonial Reading of Prophetic Literature" Bible and Critical Theory 6  (2010)

"Leave Babylon: The Trope of Babylon in Rastafarian Discourse" Black Theology: An International Journal 6 (2008): 46-60

"Every Green Tree and Streets of Jerusalem: Counter Constructions of Gendered Sacred Space in the Book of Jeremiah" Constructions of Space IV: Further Developments in Examining Social Space in Ancient Israel (London: Bloomsbury, 2013). 111-131

Islands, Islanders, and the Bible: RumiNations (co-editor) (Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, forthcoming) 

Some Less Obvious Things About Me

I try not  to miss an episode of Jeopardy
Puzzles are one of my favorite obsessions.  I just discovered an app: Four Pics One Word - supposedly better than Scrabble
Is planning to memorize monologue sections of The Lord of the Rings movies

Favorites/Book Obsessions/Currently Reading

Toni Morrison's Beloved in preparation for a course on Joshua/Judges
The Hunger Games to experience contemporary dystopian issues

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