Exchange Programs

Several international exchange programs are maintained by CDSP to provide an opportunity for further theological study.

Application to these exchange programs should be made in writing to the faculty through the student’s advisor. Students selected must have achieved a good academic record, and, in the opinion of the faculty, must have demonstrated such personal and intellectual qualities that they will be creditable representatives of CDSP.

Far East Exchange Program: This program is conducted with several seminaries in the Far East, e.g., Singapore, Manila, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. No academic credit toward CDSP degrees is normally allowed for this program. Interested students should consult with their advisors. Selection is made by the faculty.

Cuddesdon Exchange Program: CDSP also maintains an exchange program with Ripon College, Cuddesdon, Oxford, England.

CDSP students who have successfully completed one year of studies may, with appropriate supervision and a full course load, receive a year’s credit toward an M.Div. degree through study at Ripon College, Cuddesdon, and complete the final year at CDSP. Students who have completed two years of study at CDSP, and recent graduates may also apply for this program, but in these cases no CDSP academic credit will be given. Preference will be given to those applying to use the Cuddesdon year as a fourth year. The student’s academic record at this school will be taken into account in the selection process.

CDSP students participating in the Cuddesdon Exchange program for credit register for each semester and pay full tuition to CDSP, and are eligible for financial aid. Health insurance, room and board are provided by the host institution for the student. A student with spouse or partner will be expected to pay for health insurance, room and board in addition to all other costs for the spouse or partner. It is expected that the student will provide funds for all other living or traveling expenses beyond health insurance, room and board for him or herself.

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