Joint Doctor of Ministry in Congregational Development

Seabury-Western Theological Seminary and CDSP offers a Joint D.Min. in Congregational Development. This unique program allows people to take innovative church leadership courses in June at Seabury’s Evanston, IL campus and in January at CDSP. This arrangement takes advantage of rich curriculum offerings from the GTU consortium and Northwestern University’s School of Continuing Studies, in addition to other participating schools.

The Joint D.Min. offers a variety of enrollment options. Students can complete the entire degree by completing all course requirements and a thesis, or earn a diploma for completing all course requirements, or a certificate for completing four of the required courses and a congregational study. Students can also take the courses for continuing education units or for their own enrichment.

Summary of Requirements

This program requires three years of coursework. June and January one-week intensives at Seabury and CDSP are augmented by regular online meetings with a mentor for joint project work, discussion and support throughout the year. The core group size is between 10 and 20 students. Students make take on-campus intensive electives in the week preceding or following the required bi-annual on-campus courses, or the required two elective courses may be taken in various other ways. The core groups meet in person twice a year at the intensives, and throughout the years of study offer each other constant support, encouragement and community. Groups and students are supervised by Seabury and CDSP faculty.

The program can be taken for a degree, diploma, or certificate. A degree requires completing all coursework and a thesis. A diploma requires completing all coursework but no thesis. A certificate requires four courses and a congregational study. Others may take courses for Continuing Education units or simply for their own enrichment.

Application deadline: May 1

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