Online Courses for Credit

CDSP offers online graduate courses for credit each semester. If you are not currently a student at CDSP or one of the other seminaries in the Graduate Theological Union, you must be admitted to CDSP as an online student to register for an online class. This requirement includes students at seminaries outside the GTU who wish to transfer credit to another school. To receive an application form as an online student, contact the CDSP admissions office.

Orientation to Online Learning

All students are required to participate in a mandatory Orientation to Online Learning offered online prior to the beginning of each course or to have completed it within the past year. Anyone who does not complete orientation will not be enrolled in the course.

Computer literacy level: familiarity with word processing, search engines, internet browser, e-mail.

Orientation to Online Learning: Students who take a CDSP online course must complete the Orientation to Online Learning before the course begins, or have completed it within the past year. It is available at and requires a User ID and Password available from your school’s registrar. Completion takes about three hours.

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