Continuing Education

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Lifelong learning for clergy and laity

The continuing education program at CDSP is planned with an eye to supplementing ministering skills, refreshing and updating knowledge of the heritage, and offering space for reflection and renewal.

As clergy and other religious professionals have learned, three years do not prepare them for everything they need to know in parish or other ministries. That makes a regular program of continuing education crucial if they want to grow in their skills and stay fresh in their perspective and commitment to their work. Continuing Education (C.E.U.) certificates add incentives for lifelong learners.

If you live close to the campus or come to CDSP as a sabbatical visitor, you also can take advantage of auditing courses. Brief refresher courses are offered during the Intersession term in January. Throughout the year, students in nearly every state and in other countries take advantage of continuing education resources at CDSP through online courses.

The Center for Anglican Learning & Leadership has a complete continuing education program.

For more information, or to suggest new ideas for continuing education, contact:

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