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At Church Divinity School of the Pacific we learn from scripture and find ways to engage its meaning in new contexts in dialogue with a changing church and world.

Theological education at CDSP integrates scholarship, reflection, worship, spirituality and the practice of ministry. CDSP offers academic degrees, graduate certificates and continuing education. CDSP is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools in the U.S.

Our renowned scholars in liturgy, history and theology teach and preach. Our students bring geographic and demographic diversity and wide-ranging life experiences. Our classrooms are enriched by the unique ecumenical and inter-religious Graduate Theological Union and by the intellectual and cultural environments of the University of California and the San Francisco Bay area.

If you plan on taking courses during the rest of the 2014 summer term, and have not already registered, please email CDSP’s registrar ( CDSP courses and registration will be available on our website by mid-August. Although CDSP courses will no longer be listed on the GTU’s Colleague website, CDSP students are still able to cross-register for classes throughout the GTU, and students at other GTU institutions can still take classes at CDSP.

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