Board of Trustees

Carol Anne Brown, D.H.L., Board Chair
Berkeley, CA

The Rev. Randal Gardner, Treasurer
Chair, Management and Finance Committee
La Jolla, CA

The Right Rev. Mary Gray-Reeves
Chair, Community Life
Bishop of El Camino Real
Monterey, CA

The Rev. Karen Haig
Chair, Trustee Committee
Bainbridge Island, WA

Holly McAlpen, D.H.L.
Chair, Academic Committee
Hayward, CA

The Rev. Richard Morrison, J.D., D.H.L., Vice Chair
Chair, Investment Sub-Committee
Gilbert, AZ

The Very Rev. James Richardson
Chair, Advancement Committee
President, Alumni Council
Charlottesville, VA

The Very Rev. W. Mark Richardson, Ph.D.
CDSP, President & Dean
Berkeley, CA

The Rev. Frances Tornquist, D.D., Secretary
Belmont, CA

R. Miller Adams, J.D.
Chair, Audit Committee
Seattle, WA

The Right Rev. Marc H. Andrus
Bishop of California
San Francisco, CA

The Right Rev. Barry Beisner
Bishop of Northern California
Davis, CA

The Rev. Rod Davis, J.D.
Carmichael, CA

The Very Rev. Canon Peter Haynes
Corona del Mar, CA

The Rev. Kathy Hopner
Sacramento, CA

Daniel Joslyn-Siemiatkoski, Ph.D.
CDSP Faculty Trustee
Berkeley, CA

The Rev. Kathleen Kelly, J.D.
Chair, Honorary Degrees Committee
Hemet, CA

Mary Kimball
Piedmont, CA

The Most Rev. Dr. Paul Kwong
Archbishop and Primate of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hu
Hong Kong, China

Nancy Northrup Lehrkind, J.D.
Piedmont, CA

The Rev. Glenn Libby
Los Angeles, CA

Emmett Maloof
Mercer Island, WA

The Right Rev. James R. Mathes
Bishop of San Diego
San Diego, CA

Canon Steven W. Nishibayashi, M.D.
Glendale, CA

Ardeen Russell-Quinn
Woodland, CA

Jay Walton
CDSP Student Ombudsperson

The Rev. Jay Watan
San Francisco, CA

The Rev. Dr. P. Donald White
Alexandria, LA

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